This time at Functional Conf 2018, Morten Kromberg, CXO of Dyalog Ltd., Ravindra Jaju and myself presented CodeJugalbandi again. The theme was about exploring concurrency. Conversations between the three artists can be viewed by clicking the links below, or you can simple watch the embedded Youtube video herein.

Melody Name Languages Used Examples
Concurrency and Parallelism Java and APL
  • Concurrency – Echo TCP Server
  • Parallelism – Splitting I/O Task – Portfolio Networth
FP to the Rescue (Etymology of structure of code) Scala, C#, Clojure, APL and JavaScript Gathering Weather and Nearby Places Information
Everything is an Event (Pushing Multiple Values) Reactive Extensions (Java) and Clojure CSP (Core-Async) Portfolio networth using Streaming Stock prices

At the conference, we could demo only first two melodies (see below for the video), The Github Repo has all the melodies mentioned herein.

Slides are simply an index to the melodies.

Note: Further work is in progress on creating other melodies under the theme Exploring Concurrency Codejugalbandi – Mutability, STM and the Actor Model.