At the outset, I would not like to distinguish between a mentor, a coach, a trainer and an instructor.  To me this is pedantic.  An educationist is anyone who is educating the other person.   Sri Aurobindo has very beautifully given these 3 principles of Integral education.

  1. Nothing can be taught.
  2. The mind has to be consulted in its growth.
  3. To work from the near to the far.

I use these whenever, I’m coaching – technical coaching or agile coaching, consulting, mentoring or even while playing with kids.    While refactoring, I use the 3rd principle all the times – to work from the near to the far.  What I’ve observed that all these principles are extremely relevant in life (whether you dissect it as personal and professional – it does not matter), not just in education.

During consulting, its extremely helpful to understand the nature and rhythm at which the work and the people (and their temperaments) that i’m involved with and how to go from one level to the next with minimal friction.

For details you can refer to the slides below: