Functional Conf is a premier conference on Functional Programming. Since its origin, back in 2014, this event has been a melting-pot for functional programmers from around the world. Currently, functional programming is at the heart of every new generation programming technology and diverse companies are employing functional programming to actuate more effective, robust, and flexible software development. This has given birth to an extremely vibrant community of functional programmers. We are thrilled to partner with GreyOrange, Go-Jek, Erlang Solutions and Dyalog, who share our vision and enthusiasm to foster a community of functional programmers.

This 4th edition of Functional Conf will see participation from 137+ Companies from 13 countries. The conference program contains 45 sessions from 37 speakers covering functional programming in 17 languages – apl, csharp, elixir, elm, erlang, eta, fsharp, haskell, idris, java, javascript, ocaml, php, purescript, rust, scala and swift.

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  • Nov 16th – Pre-Conference workshops
  • Nov 17th – Erlang and Elixir Factory Lite India (First time in India)
  • Nov 18th – Functional Conf
  • Nov 19th – Post-Conference workshops

Pre/Post Conference Workshops:

Nov 16th:

Nov 19th:

Full conference schedule: