Are these working styles of (un)successful people or managers? Or I was, thus far, in my career, completely misinterpreting the world around me. Just for my amusement, I am jotting them down here and hope you find them hilarious. There are plenty more patterns that one can document around these, please feel free to add to this list.


  1. Ensure Self-Survival
  2. Reinforce Superiority
  3. Maintain High Value Perception

Some Behavioral Patterns around above forces:

  • ‘Reinforce Superiority’ force results in these behavioural patterns:
    • Everything-Urgent Pattern
    • Look-Busy Pattern
    • Mail-Often and Cc-World Pattern
    • Agree-First, Disagree-Later Pattern
    • Poke-Nose Everywhere Pattern
  • ‘Maintain High Value Perception’ force results in these behavioural patterns:
    • Steal-Idea-Fake-As-Originator Pattern
    • Lip Service Pattern
    • Carrot-Stick Pattern
    • Delegate-Work-And-Credit-Self Pattern
  • ‘Ensure Self-Survival’ force results in these behavioural patterns (reflecting unscrupulous attitude):
    • Game Things Pattern
    • Create Self-Dependency Pattern
    • Proclaim Self-Indispensibility Pattern
    • Embed-Listening-Agents-Pattern
    • Promiscuous Proximity Pattern
    • Licker’s Elevator-To-Heaven Pattern
    • Promote Mutual Admiration Society Pattern
    • Mask-Inefficiency Pattern
    • Greenhouse-Followers Pattern
  • Other forces result in these behavioural patterns:
    • People-As-Commodity Pattern
    • Load Working-Workers Pattern